Why Do You Need Protection?

We never like to think about death, but when you have loved ones, it is important to consider your own mortality in order to make sure that they are safe when you are not there for them. What better way to ensure a roof over their heads or give them a steady income in your absence than taking out an insurance policy?

Here at Ever North, we have a protection-focused ethos. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure every customer, family and income is protected. That’s why we give our customers a wide choice of protection and general
insurance (GI) products, and offer the best, unbiased advice. All our provider partners have been carefully selected by the insurance experts at Ever North for their excellent service, competitive products and enhanced commission terms.

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Life Insurance

You wouldn’t want to make your immediate family responsible for your debts, should the worst happen to you. When you do not take out life insurance to cover your mortgage, that is essentially the reality. Whether it is to ensure that your family can stay in their home or to prevent your parents from paying off your debts, life insurance is always worth considering and surprisingly inexpensive.

Home Insurance

Buildings Insurance is the only mandatory insurance that Lenders in the UK insist upon. Building insurance options include ‘Building Only’ or ‘Building & Contents’. The quality of cover differs hugely from provider to provider and this is an area where the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ is apt. With our access to a whole range of providers, let us help you avoid an expensive mistake.

Private Medical Insurance

We are lucky that the UK has one of the finest publicly funded health systems in the world. However, the NHS is stretched and many procedures have long waiting lists.  PMI gives you the certainty of knowing that you can access prompt medical help whenever you need it and will ensure that your recovery is made as comfortable as possible.

Critical Illness Cover

Happily many serious illnesses are no longer terminal. However, what do you do for money whilst you are recovering or find you can no longer work? Critical Illness cover allows you to plan for the unexpected, giving you peace of mind should your health deteriorate.

Family Protection

In the event of your death and even without a mortgage to pay, would your family be able to live comfortably on their remaining income? Many would not be able to. Family protection cover might be a good  solution for this predicament.

Income Protection

You usually insure your most valuable assets like your house, car or mobile phone. However, your greatest asset is your ability to go to work and bring in an income. Most people do not have sufficient savings to cover more than a few months of normal expenditure – an income protection policy might help bridge this gap.

Relevant Life, Key Man and Business Protection

If you are a business owner,  would it be able to run itself in your absence? Would your family still need the income? Could it cope with the loss of another Director or key employee? Let us find a very tax efficient solution to these dilemmas.