Moving Home

We know that moving home can be a stressful experience, but the good news is that getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be. We will make the experience a smooth and seamless journey for you.


If you are moving home, there are lots of different mortgage options for you, whether you are taking out a new deal on your existing mortgage or moving your current mortgage over to a new property.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which option is right for you. Here at Ever North Ltd, we can discuss all the different routes you might be able to take and advise you on the best deal to suit your unique financial circumstances.

How Much You can borrow

A quick check to find out what size mortgage you can get on your income.

Apply for a mortgage with Ever North Limited

Applying for your mortgage with Ever North Limited when you move home can help save you money, time, and trouble. And it’s easy too! We’ve got all the mortgage advice you need to help make the home buying process as painless as possible.

  • Use our online Mortgage Finder at a time and place that’s convenient for you, either at home or on the go.
  • The online Mortgage Finder will ask you for for all the essential information, including the purchase price of the property you are hoping to buy, how much you want to borrow, and what your income is.
  • The Mortgage Finder will give you a list of personalized results of all the home mover deals you might qualify for, in real time.
  • If you haven’t found a property yet, you can still complete our Mortgage Finder, and we will send you a ‘Decision in Principle’ certificate by email, indicating how much you might be able to borrow. If we need to check anything, one of our expert mortgage advisers will give you a call to confirm your details and fill in any blanks. Our online Decision in Principle doesn’t require a credit check, so it will not harm your credit score to apply.
  • If you’ve found your new home and are ready for the next step, just fill in the property details on our Mortgage Finder and send it over to us so that we can get started on finding the best mortgage deal for you.
  • Our advice is fee free. Like all other brokers, we will receive a payment from the lender when your mortgage goes through, but we won’t charge you anything on top of this, so there‘s nothing to pay us. You will pay no more applying through us than you would going directly to the lender on the same deal.

Mortgage Options For Moving Home

If you are  buying a property for the first time, then you will simply need a mortgage to buy your home and move into it. However, if you already have a mortgage and are in the process of moving into another home, what do you do? Do you get another mortgage or can you move your existing mortgage on to your new home?  

We can offer you expert advice on the best option for you. Our advise is free of charge, so all you have to do is get in touch with us. One of our mortgage advisers will speak to you and discuss the best way to move forward depending on your individual situation and preference.  


When to apply for a mortgage

It’s a good idea to start the process of applying for a mortgage as soon as you have decided that you are going to move home.

Your starting point should be to think about how much you want to borrow, and what type of mortgage you would like.

Here at Ever North Ltd we can help you determine which type of mortgage is right for you, and once you’ve found a property to buy, we will support you through the mortgage application process from start to finish.

Start your search online for a mortgage

Whether you want a fixed or variable deal, our online Mortgage Finder searches over a hundred lenders on your behalf, so finding your home-mover mortgage online couldn’t be simpler.

You will need a few details about your income and outgoings, what size deposit you’re planning to put down, how much you want to borrow and how long you want your mortgage term to be. Based on this information, we can then advise you on the best deal to suit your needs.

Once you are ready, it’s easy to apply online – we will fill in all your details so that you don’t have to tell us twice! And once you’ve submitted your application, you can then track its progress online 24/7. Remember, you can pick up the phone and talk to one of our advisers at any point if you get stuck or if you need any help.